EXCLUSIVE! First-Ever Verified Photo of Bike Snob NYC!

A Note From Fatty: A lot of people — friends, family, my boss — have heckled me for about two years about not having a FaceBook page. So now I’ve got one. But it’s a sad and lonely place for me now. If you’re on FaceBook, why don’t you go take a look at my sketchy profile and make me your friend?

For years — okay, maybe for just under a year and a half, people have wondered: Who is Bike Snob NYC? Why won’t he reveal his name, what he looks like, his home address, and his social security number?

It’s almost as if he wanted to retain some sense of privacy in his personal life.

Frankly, I cannot understand that impulse.

And, unfortunately for him, he’s now going to have to give up that mysterious persona, because I have a bona-fide picture of him.

How did I get the picture, you ask, with awe in your voice? I tricked him. I sent him a Fat Cyclist jersey, after which I asked him to send a photo of him wearing it.

Clever, eh? Darn straight it’s clever.

And furthermore, he — not detecting my clever ruse — actually fell for it.


In fact, he more than fell for it. He double fell for it, by acting all gracious and sending me a brand new, not-for-sale-anywhere T-shirt, shown here.


I’d have shown a picture of me wearing it, but the truth is I don’t want it to lose its value by being used. In fact, after I took this picture I mounted it behind UV-protecting museum-quality glass.

Just so you can get the full effect, though, here’s a close-up of the image on the t-shirt:


After seeing this image, you no doubt have questions, such as:

  • Who is the guy wearing that hat?
  • What happened to his left eye?

At least, those are the questions I have. But I’m afraid to ask the Bike Snob himself.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the picture of Bike Snob NYC. I can guarantee it’s real, because he himself (foolishly) sent it to me.


Say goodbye to your anonymity, Bike Snob.

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