This is not a trick question

I’m currently sitting in the waiting room (blogging via iPhone) at the local orthodontist as my boys both get braces.

Lucky them.

This seems as good a moment as any to ask for theories explaining a curious phenomenon I’ve observed.

And no, I don’t know the answer. I have a theory, but it’s just that — a theory.

So here’s the setup.

The road from the Tibble Fork turnoff to the mouth of American Fork Canyon is an ideal working downhill. With its moderate pitch and loose curves, you can really open up and pedal your heart out. It’s fast. It’s fun.

When I ride this section of the road on my geared road bike, I coast at the same speed as everyone else, more or less.

But when I ride my Lemond Fillmore single speed road bike, I coast much, much faster than the group. The Fillmore is an incredibly fast downhiller. Anyone who has ridden with me will agree.

The question I have is, “Why?”

The Fillmore is stock, apart from the bullhorn bars and TT brake levers I’ve fitted to the end of those bars.

So that’s my question. Why would this $700 bike be such a rocket on the descents?

I look forward to your theories. If you have questions or need additional information, ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer.

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