Thank You for Your Patience

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. Things are kind of brutal here right now. A few specifics from yesterday:

  • Susan has to start chemo again soon. While Susan’s cancer is under control in a lot of places — the tumors haven’t come back in her lungs, for example — we’re having a very difficult time with the cancer in her bones. So she has to start chemo again soon.
  • Susan was supposed to start chemo the day after I leave for Leadville. Luckily, the doctor says it won’t affect things one way or the other to start a few days later. That’s good, because…
  • The chemo Susan will be starting will be pretty nasty stuff. It’s a pill she’ll take five of per day, and the side effects sound worse than the symptoms of anything I’ve ever had. So I’m glad she doesn’t have to start right when I’d be going to Leadville; I couldn’t live with myself taking a vacation while she starts a very lousy round of medication.
  • The chemo Susan will be starting will now begin on the eve of our 20th Wedding Anniversary. “Happy anniversary, Susan! Here’s something that will make you violently ill!”
  • The chemo Susan will be starting will cost us around $500 per month. If there’s ever been someone who’s been grateful he has a blog that actually makes a little bit of money, it’s me. Between my ads and the jerseys, that new expense is covered.
  • The radiation doesn’t seem to be helping. Susan isn’t doing any better with her walking. She can’t feel her legs, and they don’t want to do what she tells them to do. She can still get around with a walker, but only just.

I’m pretty sure there’s more, but I’m too exhausted to remember right now.

Can you tell I’m feeling kind of down right now?

The thing is, I’ve got what seems to me to be a pretty funny post stuck in my head. I’m hoping to write it tomorrow (I was going to write it tonight, but this is about all I’m good for right now).

PS: There is actually one really good thing on the horizon for Susan — nothing to do with health, I’m afraid, but really cool nonetheless. The problem is, until / unless it really happens, I have been forbidden from telling anybody — not friends, not family, not anybody — what this potentially really good thing is. So I’m having to make do with just telling you there’s something good that’s on Susan’s mind, it’s big, and when / if I know more, you can bet I’ll let you know.

PPS: No, I don’t even know how soon I’ll know.

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