Greetings from the Central Utah Clinic Radiation Oncology Department

We dropped off the MRIs and went to go get something to eat. While we
ate (parked in the clinic parking lot) they called me back.

How did anyone ever communicate before there were mobile phones?

Anyway, they said what we expected: a tumor on Susan’s spine is what’s
causing the numbness and inability to move her legs.

So they’re doing her hip radiation right now, after which they’re
going to get Susan set up to start radiation on that part of her spine.

What’s really weird to me is that this kind of thing now seems
completely normal. In fact, both Susan and I had the same reaction:
“Oh, good. They can radiate both places at once. That will save us a
lot of drive time and gas money.”

Yes, we are now at the point where we get excited about the prospect
of saving a little cash by consolidating radiation appointments.

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