An Open Letter to Travis Brown

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Dear Travis Brown,

We’ve never met before, but I just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan…of your uncle.

You see, Travis, yesterday my wife and I spent the entire day going from MRI to radiation to radiation marking and simulation and then to meeting with the doctor.

I, laughably, thought that it was my ninja-like skills with dealing with the medical bureaucracy that made all the doors open and appointments fall into place.

I was wrong.

It turns out that it was your uncle — Dr. Richard Brown — who made everything fall into place.

Evidently, after meeting with my wife on Wednesday and hearing her complaints about losing feeling in her legs, he started thinking about her. And worrying. And wanting to find out what was wrong.

From what he describes, it bothered him all that evening. I don’t know if all doctors bring their work home with them, but I’m glad your uncle did.

Anyway, your uncle had his nurses and receptionists make calls and get everything in place, so when I called to demand we get working now on finding out what was wrong with Susan, they were already on it.

So yesterday, acting on your uncle’s hunch, we did the spine imaging and then brought the images on over to him.

There’s a tumor in her spinal cord, blocking the nerves that send to and receive messages from the legs.

Within an hour, Dr. Brown had a plan in place: Susan would get marked up for radiation right away. Then your uncle would stay late that night planning out how the area where the radiation would target. Then Susan would come in the next day (that’s today) and start the radiation. And your uncle would open up the clinic on Saturday and Sunday so she could continue the radiation without losing any more time.

Then he asked why I shave my head. I said it’s to avoid having helmet hair. And that’s how your name came up. He says he’s your uncle, and that you’re a good kid (though I have to be honest and say that I think the whole 69er thing is just wacky).

Anyway, Travis, your uncle’s a good doctor and a good man. I thought you should know.

Kind Regards,

The Fat Cyclist

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