I Like Candy

Let me tell you about my hometown: Alpine, Utah. It has one gas station. It does not have a grocery store. For restaurants, you have your choice between Dmitri’s Pizza and a Hogi Yogi (a sandwich chain). And that’s pretty much it, commerce-wise.

Oh, except for one strange anomaly: there are two dedicated candy stores. One of them is Choclatier Blue, a high-end, handmade candy store where each chocolate is a work of art (and is priced like a work of art). I go there on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Susan’s Birthday, and our Anniversary.

The other place is called the Peppermint Place, and they mostly just sell stuff brought in from other candy manufacturers. Kind of a cutesy downscale Mrs. Sees.

But I recently discovered my brand new favorite candy at the Peppermint Place: Candy-Coated Sunflower Seeds.



The idea is simple: They’re just like Peanut M&Ms, but with sunflower seeds instead of peanuts. 

And they are so delicious.

The brilliance is obvious, when you think about it. Just think about what you like about M&Ms, and you’ll realize Sunflower M&Ms are even better.

  • It’s not the chocolate that makes M&Ms so great; the chocolate is pretty pedestrian. It’s the candy shell crunch around the chocolate. And since sunflower seeds are tiny, you get more of that candy crunch with a handful.
  • Peanut M&Ms are too big. I like the way they taste, but they’re the wrong size. A handful is just five or six. A handful of Sunflower M&Ms is like a thousand.
  • The peanuts in Peanut M&Ms are too powerful. Mostly what you taste and feel are peanuts. Sunflower seeds are relatively soft, mellow-tasting and don’t overwhelm the chocolate and candy coating.

In one hour, I head out to Moab. I’m going to buy a five pound bag of these things for the ride.

PS: Turns out they’re available online. Click here or just Google chocolate sunflower seeds.

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