Nature Can Be So Cruel

I am an easygoing guy. A live-and-let-live type. I find the good in others and often donate to worthy charities.

But right now, I am full of righteous indignation. The deserving target of my withering anger? Mother Nature.

The reason is simple. She knew — oh, she knew all right — that today I’d be swamped with work. She knew that tomorrow would be no better. She knew that I’d be so freaking buried for a couple days that I wouldn’t see daylight ’til Wednesday.

And so what did she do? I’ll tell you what she did. She kicked off Spring here. Big time. It’s about 68 degrees right now, and by afternoon it’ll be in the 70’s.

There is no better temperature for riding, and no stronger draw to a cyclist than a beautiful Spring day after a long, cold, dark winter.

But there is no possible way for me today. And she’s rubbing my face in it.

I have just one question, Mother Nature: Why? Why are you torturing me this way? What have I done to you to warrant this merciless torturing?

OK, the above is technically three questions, but I consider the second question to be just an amplification of the first, and the third to be a rhetorical flourish more than an actual question. So it’s still just one question.

And I’d like an answer, Ms. Nature. Preferably in the form of a sudden cloudying up, followed by snow flurries and strong gusts of cold wind. That would go a long way toward making me feel better about being cooped up today.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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