April Fools!

Congratulations! You found the first part of my 2008 April Fools entry. Now I need your help to do part 2 of the joke. What I’d like you to do is simple: leave a comment in my “How to Choose Your Bike’s Color” entry for today.

Using your own words, please talk about what a great entry — how funny, insightful, or timely — it is. This will confuse people who are not in on the joke yet, because it clearly is not a great entry. While I realize that sometimes I am not particularly funny even though I’m trying to be, this time I was intentionally pretty lame.

I like to imagine a huge volume of praise amassing for this pedestrian little piece, as profuse and heartfelt as the entry itself is not.

As for myself, I shall comment frequently today as well, graciously — and increasingly egotistically — accepting your praise.

Thanks for helping me with my joke, and have a happy April Fools Day!

PS: I expect that at some point, someone who is not in on the joke will weigh in with an “Actually, I don’t think this is all that funny” comment. When / if this happens, please jump in and defend the piece, stridently and at great length.

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