An Open Letter to the Management of “Mellow Johnny's” Bike Shop

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Dear Mr. Mellow Johnny,

I am writing to complain about an experience I recently had when I visited your store, shopping for a bike. I have no complaints about the decor or cleanliness of the store itself; it seemed quite pleasant.

My complaint has to do with the service I received.

As soon as I arrived, I saw one of your employees and approached him. “I’m looking for a bike, Lance,” I said. I knew his name was Lance, by the way, because his name tag said so.

Well, I don’t mind saying that Lance looked me up and down with the coolest, most appraising look I have ever seen. “What kind of bike?” he asked, after an uncomfortable silence.

“I hear good things about the Specialized brand,” I replied. “And I’d like to get something really nice, so I have as much as $450 to spend.”

You will be as shocked as I was, Mr. Johnny, to find that this Lance character turned around without saying another word and walked away.

The nerve!

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PS: Both Susan and I were amazed at the huge number of nice comments to yesterday’s post. Thanks to all of you who have been — and continue to — pray, meditate, think good thoughts, and otherwise show kindness.

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