I hereby declare myself achy, cranky, foul-tempered, and sore-throated today. In short, I do not feel well. I have suspicions about why:

  • Deadwood: I just finished Season 3 while exercising this morning, and found out that the cliffhanger will likely never be resolved, because there’s no season 4. That bit of nastiness should have been printed in big red letters right on the box: “Warning: upon finishing Season 3, you will want to watch Season 4, and there isn’t going to be one. Sorry.
  • Children: I have children. They go to school, where — against my advice — they interact with other children. Often, they don’t immediately afterward sanitize their hands, face and clothing as I have instructed them. So they have brought home disease.
  • I Have angered the French. In comments in my BikeRadar article yesterday, as well as in comments in my own blog, I apparently upset some Frenchfolk (they used to be called “Frenchmen,” but this has recently found to be sexist), who felt I was being really mean by suggesting that one could successfully imitate a Frenchindividual (replacement for the now-out-of-vogue “Frenchman”) by watching Monty Python movies, eating french fries, acting haughty, and acting like winning the Bastille day stage mattered more than anything else in the Tour. In response, the Frenchfolk have compared me to people I have never heard of, used emoticons in an ironic manner, and have cursed me with a cold. Frenchfok, you have bested me and I apologize. Please give me back my health. And please, please, do not taunt me a second time.
  • I am, quite simply, sick of Winter. I just want to go outside and ride. The last few months have been a great, snow-filled Winter wonderland, but I’ve had enough.

Still, I went ahead and exercised, for two hours, while watching the only series I could find on DVD at the moment: Tru Calling.

It was the longest two hours of my life. I confess that I was tempted to gouge out my eyes, but I did not.

Could someone please recommend a good TV series — and by good, I mean “action-packed” — to get me through the remainder of the winter?

Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I’m sick, which is why I’m writing this quick two-line post today. Which, obviously, has ballooned into a longish incoherent, rambling rant.

PS: I met my weight loss goal for the week — two pounds, bringing me to 170.4. I only barely made it, though. I probably shouldn’t, but I’m going to make another two-pound goal for next week, and the jackpot goes up to $150.

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