Test Your Bike Repair IQ

A Note from Fatty: I’ve got a story up on BikeRadar today. You can read a preview below, or click here to read the whole thing.

An important part of being a cyclist is knowing how to identify common mechanical troubles and knowing how they can be repaired, as well as how to give accurate information to bike mechanics, on the rare occasion you find one necessary. Take this handy quiz to help you identify how much you know about diagnosing and repairing common bike problems.

1. You hear a creak coming from somewhere in your bike. What should you do?

a. Immediately stop and call your bike mechanic. The bike is seriously damaged; any further riding will almost certainly cost thousands of dollars to repair.

b. Lubricate all moving parts with whatever chain lube is handy. You are bound to get the correct one eventually, right?

c. Ignore it. The squeaking is caused by friction, so it stands to reason that eventually that the two things that are rubbing against each other and making that infernal racket will eventually wear each other down, and the sound will go away, or at least subside.

d. Turn up your iPod. Hey, the sound went away!

2. Whichever thing you did in question 1 didn’t work. What do you do next?

a. Fix the bike yourself. You have tools and a bikestand, so you must be a mechanic.

b. Quickly admit defeat and meekly take your bike into the shop.

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PS: The cartoon that goes with it is especially awesome this time, but you’ve got to read the caption. Click here to see the cartoon.

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