Hey, Let's Go On A Ride

You know what’s stupid? It’s stupid that I have this blog about cycling, and you read this blog about cycling, and yet I’ve actually gone cycling with about 0.0001% of you.

That’s got to change.

This year, I’m going to set up some Fat Cyclist group rides. Like maybe something at Gooseberry. A Mount Nebo road ride. Maybe a Moab trip. I’ll give enough warning — and a reasonably honest appraisal of the difficulty — that anyone who feels like they want to be there, can be there.

Let’s start with a ride on New Year’s Day.

Kenny’s Second Annual New Year’s Day Squaw Peak Climb
Last year, a bunch of us rode the Squaw Peak road on New Year’s Day: click here to read about it.

It was a hoot. So we’re doing it again. Here’s where it is:

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Some Info You’ll Want
Cleverly, I realize I have so far given you almost no information you can actually use. For this I apologize. Here’s what you need to know:

  • When: January 1, at 10:00am sharp
  • Where: Squaw Peak Road, Provo Canyon
  • What to wear: Cold, cold, cold weather riding gear. Unless you’re Jill Up in Alaska, in which case, early autumn riding gear will do fine.
  • What bike to bring: Your mountain bike, with very low pressure in  your tires. Most of this ride will be on snowmobile track.

Last year we were able to ride up to the top. I understand that may not be possible this year.

I look forward to riding with you.

PS: I shall resume my regular writing schedule (ie, most weekdays) starting January 2. I hope you’re having as nice of a break as I am. 

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