Early Present

A Note from Fatty: Yeah, I know I said I wasn’t going to post again ’til after Christmas. I don’t consider this a post. It’s too short to be a post. It’s a post-let, if you will, and should not be considered a post.

pump Yesterday, I got a box from Specialized in the mail. I hadn’t ordered anything, so had no idea what it could be. Or who it could be from.

It turns out that Walter T. took my Christmas wish list to heart and bought me a Specialized Air Tool Comp.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it here, but my other floor pump is also a Specialized Air Tool Comp, and has been a reliable, no-maintenance pump for me for about four years.

The old one, of course, will now have a permanent home in the bikemobile; I shall never have be pumpless while on the road again. Which means that at some point — since I also carry three sizes of spare tubes in my bikemobile (road, 26″ mountain, 29″ mountain), I’m going to be the most awesome good samaritan-type for a stranded roadside cyclist ever.

This new pump, meanwhile, becomes the alpha pump and will live by my rollers during the winter, and in the garage by my bike rack during the summer.

Thanks, Walter!

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