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I’m proud of Susan for her efforts yesterday — she stood up and got around her room, with the help of crutches.

At first, people were insisting the walker would be easier, but they were forgetting: Susan’s been getting around on crutches for months now. Her upper body’s strong, and she’s very proficient with the crutches.

Today, In an hour or so, we’re meeting with the surgeon to figure out the pain medication plan, when Susan can get home, when we’ll get the pathology report on her bones, and so forth.

To tell the truth, Susan’s having a very tough time right now. She’s hurting really badly, and getting a major surgery like this right after several months of weekly chemo means she didn’t enter the hospital at her strongest. I’m hoping today’s a better day for her than yesterday.

I’m posting this X-Ray for those of you who wondered exactly how far down into her leg that spike goes. As you can see here, it goes practically to the top of her knee.

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