Morning After

I’m still on vacation, but wanted to talk about four items, briefly:

  1. How I feel after a day of doing nothing but cooking and eating.
  2. Why you might want to check out the Twin Six site today.
  3. The winners of the Ergon Get a Grip Contest.
  4. A gratuitous tease.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Post-Thanksgiving Self-Evaluation
The mashed potatoes, turkey, rolls, and banana cream parfait were all big successes. I ably demonstrated my superpower by eating thrice my body weight.

I then demonstrated my second superpower (for I have, in fact, many powers) by taking a nice little nap.

I then went back to my primary superpower by eating my fill again, even though I was — paradoxically, I guess — already full.

Today, my skin feels tighter and my clothes do too. My fingers are hard to bend. Has earth’s gravity increased overnight?

Black Friday Sale at Twin Six
The Twin Six guys are having a one-day sale today. Jerseys for $45. T-shirts for $12, Wool socks for $9.

Plus they’ve just posted a ton of new stuff (four new limited-edition jackets, eight more t-shirts, two new hats).

Check out today and get your Christmas shopping done (whether for someone else or for yourself) early. And without having to wait in a checkout line, for crying out loud.

The Winners of the Ergon “Get a Grip” One-Week Weight Loss Challenge
OK, this morning I finally got out my spreadsheet and did the necessary math, so I could announce the winners of the “Get a Grip” Weight Loss Challenge, with awesome prizes brought to you by Ergon.

Here’s who won, and how much weight they each lost:

Who Weight Lost (lbs)
Mike D. 10

Craig W.


Warran W.


Cycling Phun


Michael S.


Karl N.


Jason J.


Brandon H.


Rich R.


Altogether, the 44 of us who participated lost 144 pounds. Not a bad week!

Congratulations to the winners, who will be getting email from me with how to get their prize.

Gratuitous Tease
In three minutes, I am having a phone conversation with someone. At this moment, I cannot tell you who it is, or what it’s about. Probably, I never will. If I ever can, however, I will. And it would / will make your jaw drop.

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