New Thing

I think I mentioned — in passing, in the comments section — a couple of days ago that I have something new coming up.

Well, now I can say what it is without fear of jinxing myself: I’ve got a weekly column at Click here to go to my first installment. And, if you feel like leaving a comment at the bottom of the article — yep, has comments enabled — that would be very cool of you. I’d like the BikeRadar folks to know that they pick up a pretty engaged and interesting bunch of people by having me write for them.

I’m writing for BikeRadar because I think they’ve got themselves a good site, they’re interested in doing things a little bit new and different, and because they asked me to.

Plus, they pay me a huge amount of money. Your eyes would totally bulge out if you knew how rich I am now. I just paid off the house, after writing this one article. Next, I’m going to fill my swimming pool (which I need to have made) with Nutella.

How Will This Change the Blog?
Not at all, except for maybe I’ll start acting kind of snobby and dismissive of everyone now. I mean, more than I used to before.

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