Something Completely Different

You know, I think I would enjoy being rich. It’s just a hunch, mind you, but I suspect that I would enjoy having enough money that I could play full time.

I would be very good at being rich, because I would immediately stop working and commence having fun as my primary occupation. I would take my new job very seriously. continue to ride my bike, of course — more than ever, in fact — but I would also take up kayaking. And cross-country skiiing. And rock climbing. And motorcycles.

Maybe that’s why I’m not rich: I’m more interested in playing than in making money.

O, supreme irony!

One More Thing
OK, so barring a sudden lottery windfall or a surprising amount of revenue from this blog (truth be known, any revenue at all from this blog is surprising), I expect to continue to be be content with just one obsession: biking.

Hey, having even one obsession that’s actually good for you is more than what most people have, as far as I can tell.

Still, though, as I rode my bike home from work yesterday, I couldn’t help but wish I had the time and money for one more thing:


There’s a paragliding park right on my route home. On a day like yesterday when the weather’s right and winds are favorable (actually, I’m just guessing those are the two components that matter. Maybe it’s something totally different), you can usually see more than 25 paragliders meandering in the sky.

Imagine that: just hovering in the air. Flying. I picture what it must look like and what it must feel like to be up there in the sky, and I desperately want to try it.

The Rub
Here’s the thing, though. I know that without much difficulty I could arrange to at least try paragliding — have someone take me up there and see what I think of it all.

But what if I love it? I mean, really, really love it?

Then I’d have two pricey hobbies. Both time-consuming, both mind-consuming, both potentially dangerous.

So I haven’t tried paragliding. Not because I don’t think I’d like it, but because I’m pretty sure I would love it. And I can’t afford another obsession.

At least, not until I’m rich. Which should be happening any day now (as soon as the book offer and high-paying ads come in, that is).

What Would You Do?
I expect you’re not too different from me. Money and time limits restrict you to being really good at just one or two things. Biking, for most of you, and Tri for those of you who have suffered emotional trauma as children.

But if you had the time and money, what else would you do?

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