Cover Girl

What’s the biking equivalent of being in a tiny little indy rock band and waking up one morning to find that you’re on the cover of Rolling Stone?

This is:

And inside (click for larger image):

Thanks, Bicycling Magazine. This means a lot to me, to Susan, and to the guys at Twin Six.

To tell the truth, I’m not precisely sure how this happened. I know that the guys at Twin Six sent a press release telling cycling publications about the pink “WIN” jersey, and that Bicycling Magazine replied asking for one, saying they might cover it. But neither Twin Six nor I had any idea that “cover it” meant they were actually going to put it on the cover.

You should have heard Ryan at Twin Six and me on the phone yesterday (yes, we both found out the way other Bicycling subscribers do — by getting our copies in the mail). We were giggling and saying “no way!” and stuff.

I believe it is safe to say that we were giddy.

PS: I’m going to email a nice “thank you” to Bicycling Magazine. If you’d like to let them know you think it’s pretty darn cool of them to feature the pink “WIN” jersey, send them email at [email protected]. If you do email them, please do me a favor and don’t make it a “Thanks for the photo but you should have given the jersey more print coverage to go along with it” email. The amount of coverage they gave us is way, way beyond anything I ever expected and I for sure don’t want any backhanded compliments being sent their way. You cool with that? I thought so.

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