Team Fatty

Susan’s alarm clock just went off. Time for her to get ready to head over to the hospital, where she’ll drink what looks (and she says tastes) like about a quart of white paint. Except this stuff paints her insides. And it’s radioactive.

An hour later, Susan’ll have her CT scan.

And then we’ll wait. On pins and needles. For a week.

I do not expect either of us will be able to think of much else during that week.

Many people have asked me whether it really takes them that long to get results back. The answer is, probably not. And I could probably call and bug the doctor to find out earlier than Susan’s Thursday appointment. But I don’t think I will. I figure if it’s good news, it will still be good news on Thursday. And if it’s bad news, being unaware for an extra day or two might be good.

At least, that’s what I’m saying right now. We’ll see if that’s how I feel around Wednesday.

Friends of Fatty
I understand many of you are wearing your pink jerseys today in a show of support. Thank you for that.

Every day, I get email from people who are thinking about and praying for Susan. This has really touched both Susan and me.

My sister Kellene tells me one of her friends put on her pink jersey, went on a long ride to a quiet place and then spent some time meditating and praying on Susan’s behalf — how can something like that not help?

And in general, you’ve all been true friends, which is a pretty crazy thing for me to think about, since all I ever have done for any of you is write fake news and make absurd assertions.

I’m not complaining.

Show Yourself
Hey, do something for me. Take a picture of yourself — whether you’ve got a pink Fat Cyclist jersey, an original Fat Cyclist jersey, or no Fat Cyclist jersey at all. Upload it to my new Team Fatty Flickr pool, which you can find at:

You’ll need to join Flickr and the group in order to see all the photos.

Things I’d like to see in these photos: You, your bike, your Fat Cyclist jersey (if you have one) or T-Shirt (if you have one), and a background that gives us an idea of where you ride.

(Those of you who have emailed me photos: would you do me the favor of uploading them to Flickr, so I don’t have to? I’m too lazy.)

What’s the prize? Well, I’m just about to roll out a new design for this blog, and the banner will use photos for the background, and there’s a reasonable chance I’ll wind up using yours at some point. I’m not sure that’s much of a prize, but do it anyway.

PS: A Note of Apology to B7 Challengers: I never did this month’s TT, and I haven’t weighed myself in at least three weeks. Sorry. I will still do the final weigh-in and TT, and will send and collect rewards accordingly.

PPS: For those who have asked about the TdF: I’ll be writing something this Monday. The truth is I’m about a week behind on the watching — the last stage I saw was where Rasmusen took the yellow jersey. I plan to do some fast-forward style catching up tomorrow while the rest of the family buries their noses in the three copies of the new Harry Potter book my wife will be purchasing at midnight tonight.

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