Good News!

I just got back from the Oncologist’s — Susan’s still there, doing chemo. The news is really positive.

The most important thing is, the tumors in Susan’s lungs are shrinking.  By a lot. Like by about 45% in diameter. So we definitely keep up the treatment, probably for another six months or so. After that, she’ll have some surgery, then a break for a few months.

Evidently, there’s been some fracturing in Susan’s right hip and in multiple ribs. Not much we can do about the ribs, but Susan will be getting X-rays of the hips today and seeing what can be done there. Maybe more radiation, maybe pinning the hips, maybe nothing at all and letting them heal on their own.

While this isn’t exactly the kind of news we were hoping to hear, these fractures probably occurred due to damage that happened before treatment began; we’re both very hopeful there won’t be any more fracturing and that it’ll get easier for Susan to walk soon.

And until then, she does get awesome parking spots.

The doctor gave her OK for Susan to travel, even up to Leadville (10,000 feet); Susan’s lungs are doing that well. So at this point, Susan’s definitely planning on crewing for me.

I’ve never been so excited or motivated to race well in my life.

Thank You
So many of you have prayed and meditated for us, and so many of you have sent us cards, comments and email. When we gave Susan’s doctor a pink jersey today (yes, she rides) and told her about how great all of you are, she was astounded.

I am extremely grateful to all of you and for all of you. Thank you.

Now I am going to go ride.


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