Miscellaneous Stats from the KTR

I’ve got quite a story to tell about doing the KTR yesterday, but am not yet exactly lucid. So, I’ll start writing the story tomorrow and post it in installments over the week. For right now, here are a few miscellaneous numbers that should give you an idea of what the day was like.

  • Distance of the Kokopelli Trail: 142 miles
  • Amount the BLM Fined Adam Lisonbee for “Organizing” an Event Without a Permit: $275
  • Amount Racers Immediately Reimbursed Adam: $253. (My guess is that since some racers didn’t have money on hand and promised to send money to him as soon as they got home, Adam will eventually be reimbursed the full amount of the ticket. )
  • Number of Participants in the 2007 KTR: Around 60 (exact number not known; nobody keeps track)
  • Number of People who Completed the 2007 KTR: Around 30.
  • Winning Time for the 2007 KTR: 12 hours and change, by Dave Wiens — the guy who has won the Leadville Trail 100 every year for as long as anyone can remember
  • Kenny’s Time for the 2007 KTR: 15 hours and change. On a rigid singlespeed, with a blown-out shoe for more than a quarter of the race.
  • Fatty’s Time for the 2007 KTR: 20:20. Yes, I did in fact finish the race.
  • Number of Shot Bloks Fatty Consumed During the KTR: 90 (3000 calories)
  • Number of Honey Stinger Peanut Butta Protein Bars Fatty Consumed During the KTR: 5 (1750 calories)
  • Other Food Items Fatty Consumed During the KTR: None
  • Estimated Number of Calories Fatty Expended During KTR: 16,000
  • Quantity of Water Fatty Filtered from Available Water Sources (Colorado River, trailside creeks) During KTR: 2.5 gallons
  • Number of Working Gears That Fatty Had Access to After Falling Less Than an Hour into the Race, Disclocating his Shoulder and Gashing His Knee: 3
  • Fatty’s Pride at Finishing the Most Hardcore Event He’s Ever Participated In: Not measurable with conventional mathematics

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