Favor for a Friend of a Friend of a Friend

Chucky’s my friend. We don’t ride together much, because he’s right on the cusp of being a pro. I have enough trouble keeping Kenny in sight, thanks.

But still, a friend.

And Chucky’s got a friend: Shannon. Shannon (a dude) is an actual pro, so I’m sure we’d have a lot of fun riding together.

But still, a friend of a friend.

And of course, you’re my friend, which is why you’re reading this blog.

And so today, I’m asking you to do a favor for a friend (Shannon) of a friend (Chucky) of a friend (me).

Yes, I agree: it’s all very confusing. Still.

Team Shannifer
Shannon and his wife Jennifer want Race Face to sponsor them as they do the Trans Alp this year. To do this, they need our help. I.e., you’ve got to vote for them, based on their videos.

Basically, you’ve got to watch their video and the other Race Face sponsorship hopefuls’ videos, and then vote for the team you like the best.

This will not be easy, I’m afraid.

I can verify that I have, in fact, watched all the teams’ videos, and each and every one of them was embarassingly goofy, to the point where if I had a gong, I would have used it. A lot.

Maybe that was one of the stipulations Race Face made: “If you want to be a finalist, your video is going to have to be off-the-charts cornball. Don’t fight us on this; we’ve made up our minds.”

Is Team Shannifer’s video any goofier or any less goofy than the other videos? No, I don’t think so. But I’m not asking you to vote for them based on the merits of their video, I’m asking you to vote for them based on the following:

  • They’re an actual married couple who could do a good job on this race. I find that cool.
  • Their video — goofy as it is — was filmed on a trail I immediately recognized as one I ride. I do not recall, however, anyone throwing red balls at me when I rode it.
  • That whole friend of a friend of a friend thing. That’s the compelling part.

What to Do
Here are the simple (ha) steps for placing your vote:

  1. Go to the Race Face site and enter your email address and a password. You’ll get an email in a moment with a link. Click on the link, and then watch the videos.
  2. Yes, I agree: this is beginning to feel needlessly complex. Hey, don’t blame me.
  3. Once you’ve paid the ultimate price — i.e., watched the videos — go vote for Team Shannifer, which is what you would have done even if you hadn’t been subjected to all this nonsense.
  4. Celebrate. You have now done a favor for a friend of a friend of a friend, and can claim that you are in fact a ridiculously good person.
  5. Return to this site and give an honest assessment of the videos you have just been subjected to.

And of course, when Team Shannifer actually gets the sponsorship and wins the race, you can claim full credit and demand they repay the favor. I know I intend to.

When to Do It
You’ve got to do it today. Now, in fact. This is the last day you have to vote. And you wouldn’t want to disappoint your friend of a friend of a friend, would you?

PS: Today’s weight: 154.2.

PPS: B7 challengers, remember: weigh-in and TT this weekend!

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