A Note from the Missus

Dear Fat Cyclist Readers,

Can I just say, “wow!” I know you all as readers — many as extremely funny, commenting readers — of my husband’s blog. And I lurk constantly on his site, never opening my mouth because I’m a little on the shy side. So most of you only know me through my husband’s sometimes funny, sometimes serious, often sillily (although not recently) exaggerated posts about me. So without really even knowing me, you all have blown me and my husband away with the vast amounts of sincere prayers and positive thoughts coming our way.

Imagine my surprise when Elden brought home a huge bag full of notes, cards, and gifts, mailed from all over the world (Thanks Botched, for orchestrating it). The “Cancer Sucks” hat made me laugh, as did the Biohazard socks (I’m sure I’m still glowing after three weeks of radiation). The “Believe” sign will go over my desk, and the custom-made “Girl Power” CD is going into my car.

It’s hard to believe so many people would go to the time to write and mail a card. All of your personalized notes were very touching. In fact, I had to read them a few at a time, because I started tearing up. One card had all the signatures from the kids in a middle-school band class. Another had hand-drawn pictures from their kids. Several cards looked homemade, and the words and thoughts on every card felt like they came from close friends, even though I’ve never met most of you.

Also, I feel a huge wave of support from all the comments and suggestions you have left us in this blog and in your email. It is more than I ever imagined, and it helps me and Elden and our children more than you could know.

I have finished radiation: fifteen sessions to help shrink the tumor in my hip. (Doc was worried I’d fracture the weakened bone.) So, one step down. Tuesday morning, I start chemo. And next week, more chemo, and so on and so on. Who knows if I will be up for Leadville this year like was planned. But I am trying to tell my body that it has to be up for this one adventure this summer. I really want to be there when Elden finally spanks the sub-nine. So, if I can request more positive vibes, that is one of my goals this year. It would be fun to be able to meet some of you who have been so wonderfully supportive to us during this quite frustrating turn of events.

Again thank you for everything. I am still stunned by your incredible generosity, kindness, thoughtful words. And, well, you’re all just dang (my kids read this blog) cool. Elden has the best readers anywhere. You guys rock!


PS from Fatty: People who say the Internet is an ugly place have been hanging around the wrong parts of the Internet. You guys are the best. Thank you.

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