Wherein I announce Winners and Leave a Mysterious Hint About Monday's Post

A Weekend Note From Fatty: I normally don’t post on weekends, but I have two contests I wanted to announce winners for, and something interesting happened yesterday that I need to write about, haven’t yet written about, but still want to mention, albeit in a confusing and non-helpful way.

You Were Really Nice in the “It’s Nice to be Nice to Dave Nice” Raffle
A big fat hug goes out to everyone who helped Dave Nice by entering the raffle. I was hoping we could raise around $500 for him, and imagined $1000 was the most we’d have any chance at all of raising. But thanks to the very generous nature of cyclists, we raised $1210.00 for Dave (and that’s after Paypal took its chunk out).

You guys rock.

I’ve notified the winners by email. They’ll be getting the awesome prizes donated by the Ads-for-Scwhag advertisers, who have shown — once again — that it’s the small companies that really care about their customers. You can, of course, find those advertisers in my blog sidebar. Give them the love they deserve.

You Guys Think I have No Self Control Whatsoever
In the “Guess my weight after I’ve been on the road for 2 weeks contest,” most of you figured that I would completely self-destruct, self-control-wise. A few of you, however, dared to believe that I’d only gain a pound per week or so.

As it turns out, while I didn’t lose weight on the trip, I also didn’t gain a whole bunch. Yesterday I weighed in at 163.6 pounds, up from 162 pounds when I took off for NY two weeks ago. So the winners of the prize I cannot yet reveal (because I’m still working on getting it made) — each of whom was off by a pound or less — are:

  • Iceman (163)
  • turnonthejets (164.6)
  • jill (164.5)

Winners, be sure to contact me when I announce this new Fat Cyclist product — probably sometime within the next couple weeks.

Pain, Blade, Blood
And now for my confusing and non-helpful hint about what I’ll be posting this monday. It will be about pain, a blade, a great deal of blood, and a trip to the hospital.

Oh, and it will be about riding bikes, too.

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