Years and years ago, Stuart and I were riding North up Provo Canyon. Now, one thing you know for sure is that Provo Canyon will always be windy. In the morning, the wind blows South. In the afternoon, it blows North.

One way or another, you’re going to ride into a headwind.

Anyway, Stuart said, “Let us give thanks for the wind, for it makes us strong.”

I resolved to remember that phrase and use it myself the next time I was riding with someone in a killer headwind and wanted to sound wise and philosophical and stuff.

Yesterday after work, I was so happy to meet up with Rick Sunderlage (not his real name) for a road ride. I had just given my big end-of-quarter presentation. It was intense but had gone reasonably well, and I have never felt so much like I deserved a nice couple of hours on the bike with a friend.

The only problem was, it was cold. And windy.

Really, really windy.

That’s OK, though, I thought as we started. The wind’s at our backs and it’s not too strong.

Have you ever noticed how the wind at your back never feels very strong?

Oh, also I should mention that we started the ride from the top of Suncrest, which means we started downhill with the wind at our backs.

Guess what that meant for the return trip?

As we started climbing, the wind — now a headwind — picked up and became fierce. The South side of Suncrest — normally the easy side — was brutally difficult. Rick and I agreed it had never been this hard of a climb before.

I was just getting ready to say, “let us be thankful for the wind, for it makes us strong” utterance when Rick said, “You know what, though? I love varying conditions like this. I love having it be all nice one minute and then crazy-windy the next. It mixes things up. Keeps it fresh.”

And so I decided — since Rick had chosen to reveal his innermost thoughts the way he had — to be completely honest about what I was thinking:

“Wind sucks.”

PS: Today’s weight: 160.6

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