Well, that was interesting.

Evidently, the Gallery software I put on my site last night is meant for the following:

  • People who have their own webservers and unlimited server cycles and throughput.
  • People who have so few visitors that server cycles and throughput don’t matter.

It’s not, evidently, meant for for someone who usually gets around 5000 pageviews per day and is currently getting about 60% more than that because of the whole bloggies thing.

In other words, my web hosting company shut me down for a couple hours earlier this evening cuz I was being a hog.

Sooo, for right now I’ve taken down today’s earlier post and am uninstalling Gallery.

Stupid Gallery.

I’ve stored all the photos so far and plan to put them back up as soon as I figure out a better way to do this contest.

Suggestions on how to do this contest using something like Flickr or Picasa or whatever would be massively appreciated (I don’t currently use those sites and so don’t know an elegant way to have lots of people post and be able to view contest entries).

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