What Did You Give? What Did You Get?

Merry Christmas!

So what bike-related gifts did you give? What bike-related gifts did you get?

As for me, I gave Rocky a helmet cam (and gave myself one, too). That, grinchishly, is the only bikeish Christmas present I gave. (And those don’t even ship for another week. Bah humbug!)

Unless you count that I’m helping my friends get into the Leadville 100 (as someone who’s done it 10x, I get grandfathered in without having to go through the lottery). That’s a pretty nice gift, right? Right?

What I Got
Bike and training-wise, this has been an extra-awesome Christmas. Here’s what Santa (ie, my wife) gave me:

  • Panasonic SDR-S150: This is a teeny-tiny camcorder that records MGEGs directly to SD and SDHC cards. It fits easily in a jersey pocket and will be perfect for filming friends as we go mountain biking. Takes decent still shots too. Yay for miniaturization and device convergence! (Note to self: get neoprene carrying case before taking this on a ride.)
  • Atlas 1025 Snowshoes: You know how I had a hankering to get out the ol’ snowshoes a week ago or so? Turns out that when I moved to WA a couple years ago, I either sold or gave away all my snowshoes, and just didn’t remember. Now I’m all snowshod again. I’ll be marching on Tibble tomorrow. Hey, maybe I’ll bring the camcorder with me.
  • Smartwool Socks: You can never have too many. My wife, noting that my current green Smartwool socks are approaching threadbareness, bought me several pair in a new color: grey. Stylin’.
  • Three Twin Six T-Shirts: When I was asking readers what they wanted for Christmas, a few of you pointed me to Twin Six, who I personally believe are designing the coolest-looking bike jerseys and t-shirts around. Sneakily, my wife bought me three of their shirts: the Crank Army T, the Ride T, and the Cross T. Huzzah!

Your turn!

PS: Banjo Brothers’ Big Bad Bulky Biker Bodyfat Challenge Update: So far, I’ve received more than 30 bets (most of which I have accepted), which means — if I lose them all — that I will probably need to come up with around $2100 to cover all those jerseys.

Haven’t made your bet yet? There’s still time! Click here to read the post about the challenge, and then click here to join in.

PPS: With the B7 Challenge being an active forum, it’s attracting all kinds of spam. Sorry. Let me know if you’re good at dealing with this kind of thing and are willing to help out.

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