When I got back from NY last week, here’s what I had waiting for me:

Oh, that’s a terrible picture, isn’t it? I really need to get a real camera, or at least a phone with a good camera. OK, let’s go to a product shot from the site, then:

Yes, that’s right. I am currently reviewing an Ibis Silk Carbon SL for CyclingNews. After this review, I plan to keep this bike. Here’s why:

  • It’s beautiful. Dark, stealthy, serious-looking carbon everywhere. With a shiny, shiny laminate. And the build spec on the SL is not exactly slouchy: Easton Ascent II Wheelset & EC90 SL Fork, Shimano Dura-Ace 10 Drivetrain, Easton components. Sassy.
  • Cool Ibis headbadge:

  • Descends beautifully.  So stable. So fast. I hit 56mph coming into work today.
  • Climbs insanely well. But you’d expect that from a bike that weighs 15.47 pounds, wouldn’t you?
  • I’m the first kid on the block to own one.

I’ll be writing the review after riding this bike at Lotoja, and will be including an interview with Scot Nichol, founder of Ibis. Scot’s an incredibly funny guy who just happens to have a deep knowledge of all things bike-related; the interview should be interesting reading.


  1. Unknown

    I finally finished reading the Mtn Bike Action article on the Ibis Mojo carbon full suspension and it looks equally as sweet.  Looks like Ibis is coming back to market with a vengeance!

  2. Unknown

    Carbon IS wonderful when done so well. Maybe a Mojo is just what you need to break 9 hours at Leadville. Think of the ink that would get IBIS.

  3. BIg Mike In Oz

    Maybe someone out there has a digital camera they need reviewed.  That would solve a few problems.
    Congrats on being trusted with such a nice machine, although I do notice that they sent you the "short, squat" model while the marketing department photo is of the "tall, agile" version.  I wonder if that makes any difference to the handling.

  4. James

    15.47? You aren’t taking their word for it, I hope…you did hang that thing on a scale, right? I mean, I’d hate to get all lathered up by your review only to find that it actually weighs 15.49 pounds or something.

  5. barry1021

    Try to not crack the down tube. If you actually get to keep it for nothing after reviewing, I am starting my own blog.

  6. Jsun

    If you are already planning to keep the bike and you are going to ride with Mr. Ibis I think we already have our review, but you may be able to find something to critique.  Perhaps a built in sandwich holder.

  7. Tyler

    Steph — Not sure which way the heart attack went, but that’s pretty cheap for a sub-kilo carbon frame!  Is that weight on-the-road, then, as tested?  If so, not bad at all.  I’m sure slightly-less-than-fatty can tell us if it’s stiff, too.
    Frankly, it looks like every other carbon bike out there.  Just piece the tubes together, throw on a 12k weave, and, whammo, there’s your racebike!  I guess that’s why Pinarello and Colnago can’t resist making "ribbed for your pleasure" frames that have waves and ripples every whichway. 
    It’s a sweet headbadge though.

  8. Christina

    I like the sass, but I don’t know about that name.  "Ibis Silk"

    ibis (noun): 1. Tropical wading bird.  2. A gregarious wading bird with a downward-curving bill.

    silk (noun): 1. The fine fiber that silkworms secrete to make their cocoons. 2. Textiles thread or fabric made from the fiber that silkworms secrete.  3. The tuft of long soft hairs that forms at the end of ears of corn.
    So there’s my super duper important content to help you w/ your review.   
    -Beast Mom

  9. JET(not a nickname)

    I’m with Botched. I hate you for having such a sweet rig! Do you actually get to keep it for nothing just for reviewing it, or am I just reading into that wrong?

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