How To Build A Bike Rack With No Plans, No Skill, and One Tool in About Two Hours

(100 feet of 1.25″ PVC pipe and 50 T-connectors)
(Ryobi Table Saw)
No Plan, Except a Vague Picture in My Head
2 Hours (10pm – Midnight Last Night)
(PVC Bike Rack: Roomy Parking for Eight Bikes!)
PS: Yes, I read about Floyd’s A-sample testing positive. But I’d rather talk about my cool new bike rack, pictured here in a blurry photo actually holding bikes:

PPS: My regular camera croaked last night, so all pictures here taken with my phone. Sorry.


PPPS: I have enough PVC and T-connectors left over to build another 4-6 bike rack if someone local wants to come get it.


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