Off to Ride RAWROD '06

Sorry, not much time to write right now — truly busy week at work, and then tomorrow afternoon we’re all headed to Moab for RAWROD ’06.
Story to come on Monday. Provided I finish.
Oh, also: I used a large font in this entry to make it look like I wrote a lot. Were you fooled?
(Oops, sorry I called it RAMROD — now edited to say RAWROD)


  1. barry1021

    We are addicted. You will write whether you finish or not!  And in a normal font!!! We have spoken!
    But of course you will finish.

  2. jim

    Pfft.  RAMROD.  Thats nothing compared to this hard core, charity ride I am doing…THE MS150.
    I guess if I were going to truly sell that statement as fact I should have left out the word charity, huh?

  3. Unknown

    I know you have a pervasive problem with directions and using landmarks for navigation, but I can only Imagine your surprise when you find out that Mt. Rainier isn’t in Moab.

  4. Jane

    That makes me think of a movie that my last boyfriend liked, but I can’t remember the name. It was totally stupid, tho. I got my bike out and might just ride it. It’s a Huffy – I guess that kicks me out of the club. LOL. Jane

  5. Unknown

    I adjusted the font on my cyclo computer to make me think I’m faster and going farther.  So far it ain’t working. 
    Changed the font on my bathroom scales–
    scared the hell out of myself.

  6. Tyler

    Waitasec — I know the Ramrod that’s in Washington; the Ride Around Mount Rainier (in One Day) one that edge mentioned.
    But what’s in Moab?

  7. Unknown

    I have become addicted to you and your blog, you must finish the race and you must tell us about! Or risk facing the wrath of a redhead!!!!

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