Every week, I check the “What’s Your Story” site to see what lucky MSN Space-ers are being featured. Imagine my surprise and delight to find that I’m one of those lucky featured Spaceheads.

Things have changed since I last got featured, though: Now they have voting. It’s a popularity contest.

Currently, I am dead last.

This should not bother me, because as far as I know, at the end of the week, the winner gets a grand prize of absolutely nothing. But you know, it does bother me. It bothers me a lot. It’s like a group sprint to the next telephone pole. The guy who wins doesn’t get anything at all, except bragging rights.

Which begs the question: apart from a suitcase full of cash, is there any better prize in the world than bragging rights?


Vote For Me and Get Free Stuff

Realizing that I have no chance whatsoever of winning this contest on the strength of my writing, I will instead open a contest, wherein I will give away stuff to random people who comment during the week. Here’s how it works:

  • If I lose: I will give away my copy of A Sunday in Hell, the documentary about Eddy Merckx racing Paris-Nice.
  • If I get third place: I will give away the brand-new Microsoft® Wireless Laser™ Desktop 6000 wireless keyboard and mouse (retail value: $99) I purchased as a Christmas present for a family member, but then never got around to sending, as well as the Sunday in Hell video.
  • If I get second place: I will give away a brand-new, never-used, retail copy of Microsoft Office Pro 2003 (retail value: $499) that I got as thank-you schwag for participating in a recent usability study. And the wireless keyboard/mouse. And the Sunday in Hell video.
  • If I win: I will give away my one-of-a-kind prototype Banjo Brothers messenger bag, and the Office Pro box. And the wireless keyboard/mouse. And the Sunday in Hell video. I will also give away other valuable prizes which I have not listed here, but which I suspect you would like.

As you can see, I have cleverly managed to combine a contest with my need to reduce the volume of stuff I have to pack when I move in a couple months.

One little caveat: If you live somewhere where it would be expensive or problematic for me to ship (outside the US, basically), if you win you’ve got to cover the shipping costs if you want me to ship to you. I don’t mind spending a little money on shipping, but I’m not willing to take out a personal loan to do it.


Just to be Clear, How Do I Win?

You win by going to, voting for me, then leaving a comment sometime this week. Or — if you aren’t able to leave a comment in my blog because you’re not in the mood to register for a .NET Passport, just go vote anyway (you don’t need to register for anything to do that) and send me a comment via email: [email protected]. I’ll post your comment for you. Then all you need to do to win is get randomly selected.

And I win by having my vanity served.



My friends at Banjo Brothers have (generously, and without me even having to beg) ponied up a dozen of their soon-to-be-famous Pocket Messenger Bags to people who vote for me. Check out their blog for details. Thanks, Banjo Brothers. You rule. Even more than you used to.


PS: Tomorrow: Why I will never ever ever do another triathlon, and why nobody else should, either.

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