The Way of the Mountain Turtle

Last week, Rocky asked me why I like endurance biking. My answer’s pretty complex. I like planning for a big ride. I like being with my friends during a big ride. I like being in the middle of nowhere. I like that I seem to be able to suffer with style during a big ride.
But the biggest reason is: I like to tell stories about the ride afterward.
And in the same way I like to tell stories about an endurance ride, I like reading others’ stories, especially about rides I’d like to do if I had the time (or ability).
Kent Peterson, who works at Sammamish Valley Cycle, has written just such a story: “The Way of the Mountain Turtle: Single-speeding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race.” It’s a long race, and Kent’s gone to a lot of effort to tell the story thoroughly — it’s about 25 pages long.
If you’ve got a little extra time during the holiday and are in the mood for a great story by a great guy, I think this may be just what you’re looking for.

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