Announcing the Winner to Yesterday’s Banjo Brothers Bike Bag Weekly Giveaway

The comments to yesterday’s Banjo Brothers contest were some of my favorite, ever. It was not easy to choose a winner. Dug wanted to give the award to someone else — specifically, himself —so I had to take matters into my own hands. I finally went with phade33:


Oh, I could most definitely hang all right. Given a year to train, on a flat/downhill stage, a slight tail wind, two IV bags filled with a little plasma and some spun out red blood cells, the use of a barometric chamber, a daily testosterone/insulin/HG/adrenaline cocktail (with and EPO chaser), some of those amphetamine tablets they use to give the fighter pilots, a six pack of Red Bull dehydrated down to powder then reconstituted with a concoction of honey, coffee and MT Dew to wash them down with, six feet of copper tubing, a platinum rod exactly 1.3 meters long, two rolls of duct tape, one roll of masking tape, 9 feet of twine, 6 feet of lock wire, night vision goggles, a grappling hook and 50 feet of bungee cord and I’d be kicking some spandex encased tail all up and down them Alps.


It was the grappling hook that sealed the deal. I’m a big fan of grappling hooks. E-mail me with your address and what you’d like, Phade33.


Show a Little Love to the Banjo Brothers

Just in case you haven’t noticed, not many blogs give something away every week. But I get to, because the Banjo Brothers — a not-very-big company with not a lot of money for giving stuff away — suggested doing this.


One of the nicest things you could do to thank them for doing this would be to visit their site, get to know what they sell, then let your local bike shop know about this cool company with cool products.

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