Mmmmmm. New Bike Smell.

At the end of last week, Matt pulled the trigger and bought himself a Specialized Allez Sport Triple.


You can’t tell in the photo, but it’s a powder-coated black that gives the bike a very cool stealth bomber look. Tres chic.

I should — I guess — point out that I had a nice little moment of well-deserved embarrassment when the bike shop guy (Scott, co-owner of Pacific Cycles) was going through the Care and Feeding of Your New Bike spiel for Matt. When Scott got to the “Keeping Your Bike Clean” part, he paused and looked meaningfully at me, then said: “If you clean your bike as often as Fatty, you should be punished. Everyone here hates working on Fatty’s bike because it’s always so filthy.”

And yeah, he was talking about my road bike — not my mountain bike.

And yeah, it’s always filthy.

And no, I still haven’t cleaned my bike.

Matt and I had a good ride Saturday, though — we rode out to work (Matt’s not just a friend, he’s my manager … at least for two more weeks) and back to see how he’d handle commuting. That’s a 20 mile round trip with big climbs at miles 9 and 18. And Matt rode the whole thing like a champ.

At least, that’s my story until two weeks from now.


New Bikes Are Contagious

About the time Matt and I started looking for a bike for him, I started getting the new bike bug, too. A couple weeks ago I was thinking about cyclocross, but it turns out almost all the races are on Sundays, which don’t work for me. And since I have the attention span of a gnat, I was easily able to turn my new bike itch toward the track.

So…today, after work, I’m heading down to Sammamish Valley Cycles to order a Bianchi Pista. That’s about the entry-levelest track bike there is, but then again, I’m about as entry level as a track cyclist can be.


In a couple weeks, my bike will arrive. Then I’ll be out at the Velodrome at the loneliest possible times, learning how to pedal without coasting. I’m so excited, I can’t think straight.


Today’s weight: 166.4


Bonus: I’ve got a new article in Cyclingnews: My latest fake news piece, “OLN to Broadcast Vuelta a España to US Audience…With a Few Small Changes.” I swear, every time they accept a piece from me, I can’t help but wonder: “How long ’til they realize what a complete and utter dork I am?”

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