I Fear My Bathroom Scale

This morning,I got all ready to do my daily weigh-in. I got naked, took off my watch and wedding ring, spat in the sink three times, and made sure I had no lint in my belly button.

But then I didn’t weigh myself.

I just couldn’t. I know that with the pre-race taper, as well as (much more importantly) the post-race hogfest, I’m bound to have gained some weight. I know my body well enough to make a guess: I bet I weigh 170 pounds. But I just couldn’t stand the thought of looking at the numbers and knowing for sure.

With the Leadville 100 over ’til next year and no important riding events/races on the horizon, my “carrot” – an important reason, fixed in time, for me to lose weight – is gone. And without the carrot, setting up the “sticks” (negative consequences for my failing to meet my goals) like the daily weigh-in and the Fat Cyclist Sweepstakes have lost their appeal.

In short, I need a new carrot. Maybe a 24 hour MTB race. Maybe an epic road ride or race that I’ve never heard of before – one with lots of climbing. Something I can look forward to, and have a reason to train for.

I’m open to suggestions. And since I’ve blown my biking travel budget for the foreseeable future, having it be located in the NorthWest is a must.

This raises the larger issue: Do I have a prayer of ever reaching a point where I don’t have to combat my eating inclinations in order to ride the way I want to be able to? I mean, suppose I manage to get back to 150 pounds – yay for me! – and then also manage to finish under nine hours at Leadville next year. What happens next? Well, unless I find something new and exciting to give me a reason to stay skinny, I wager that I’d gain about 7 pounds the next month, 5 the following, and be back into the 180s by Thanksgiving.

Wow, I’ve just succeeded in totally bumming myself out.


Today’s weight: OK, I promise. Tomorrow I’ll weigh myself, and I kick off the Fat Cyclist Sweepstakes again. I’ll find a new carrot soon.


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