Super-Secret Ninja Endurance Training Techniques

Sorry, no humiliating photo of me for this weekend; I had to get out the door pretty early in the morning yesterday (Saturday) in order to start the trip to Florida. I’ll post a photo on Tuesday, when I get back. That should be especially humiliating, since I’ll be taking that after having eaten excessive amounts of fatty, salty food and not having worked out for several days.

So, now I’m in Florida. Strangely — to me, anyway — I’ll see almost exactly nothing of Florida while I’m here. I went straight from the airport to the hotel, will stay at the hotel for two days of meetings, then will head back to the airport. As far as I’m concerned, Fort Lauderdale, Florida is nothing but a Mariott.

On the plane, I was considering: what will I be thinking about three months from now? Ie, three months from now my ninth Leadville 100 will be 1 week in the past. It’d be nice, on that day, if I were no longer the fat cyclist — or if I were at least the less-fat cyclist. “The Chubby Cyclist,” perhaps? It’d be even nicer if I got a reasonable time at this race.

So, I guess I’m going to have to start training.

Training Invisibly
Here’s the thing, though: I do not currently have time for training. I  just don’t. Last year (I still need to give a synopsis of that crazy year; I’ll get to that later) swapped around some priorities for me. I’ve got to make sure I’m at home at the right times to help my boys with their homework, read to my girls, and keep my wife sane.

But I still want to train. So here’s my plan:

  • Ride 40 miles per day, 5 days / wk. And do it without impacting my family. I’ll do this by getting up early (6:00am) and riding 30 miles in the morning, winding up at work. Sort of a secret-bonus extended dance remix of my commute. Then, after work, I’ll get home with a 10-mile ride. Every other Saturday, I’ll do a 50-mile ride at 6:00am, getting me home  in time to spend the whole day with the family. This kind of consistent riding wouldn’t be right for someone who’s really hoping to shine in their races: you’ve got to be able to do intervals, hard days, easy days, etc. But I don’t want to shine. I just don’t want to suck.
  • Lose the weight, but don’t be a pain in the butt about it. Right now my wife doesn’t need me to demand fish for dinner every night. The fact that she manages to make dinner each night while taking care of 4 kids — two of which are 3-yr-olds — is a minor miracle in itself. The key to my weight loss will be in eating reasonable amounts, and then not grazing late at night.

Oh, it’s so easy to make resolutions like this when you’re nowhere near your bike.

Next up: Long-promised recap of my crazy year

Today’s weight: I dunno, but would guess I’m up by at least a pound, what with all the healthy eating options at airports across the country.

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